Backwards is the New Forward


I tell my husband that you can find almost anything you need (and don’t need) for free if you live in the bay area. To which he sarcastically replied “really, then find a new water filter for the refrigerator” at $80.00 each I wish I could. Too bad the vast array of free refrigerators on any given day won’t suffice. Not to be out done by his cynicism and to prove my argument, I call him the next morning from work and ask him if he would like a “free” motorcycle I found on craigslist… Likewise you can get rid of anything by posting it online or putting it at the curb. The other day I dug a very ugly mask out of the trash yes, my husband had thrown it away to be hauled to the landfill. Upon seeing me digging the mask out of the trash he asked what I was doing to which I replied, “proving a point”.  Even I was speechless to find it was actually gone the next day. Although I am a life long salvage yard scavenger, thrift store shopper, and flea market barterer this is the beginning of reclaiming “free” as one of my new shopping options. If I really think it is that feasible to live on less in the bay area, one of the most expensive places to live, then it is time I prove it. Time to take off my corporate mask and trade it in for a richer life.